Ok, so I've decided to do a "Daily E-book" post that I think us Family Bound people will relate to.  The first one is for Official Secret Restaurant Recipes.  This one sounds really yummy and it includes seven other bonus books.  If you click on the link above you'll be able to scroll through many of the different recipes they offer so you can check if they have your favorite restaurants recipes! 

"We'll Teach You the Jealously Guarded Secrets Behind Dishes From Billion Dollar Restaurants Like The Cheesecake Factory®, KFC®, The Olive Garden®, PF Chang's®, Red Lobster®, Chili's®... (plus many others) and Show You How to Easily Make Them at Home!"


Today's Daily E-book is Competition BBQ Secrets!  Our family is really big on BBQ.  It's our favorite kind of food hands down.  I think we probably bbq everyday in the summer, and living in So. Cal, we are able to bbq pretty much year round.  In fact, I've been known to bbq in the rain holding an umbrella over my head, lol.  Yep, we LOVE our bbq!  So I was really excited to get my hands on this e-book.  I read it last night in hopes to get new ideas, and boy did I! 

Have you seen those bbq competitions on Food Network?  I watch those all the time with my mouth watering the entire show.  This E-Book was written by one of those professional BBQ competition guys with many awards under his belt! 

This book is very thorough.  Not only will you get recipes for all types of meat including smoked turkey, but you'll also be taught how to find the right smokers, how to properly trim meat, the right kind of wood to use for each type of meat, and you'll even learn about getting into the BBQ Competitions if you wanted to go there.

This book is not so much for learning grilling techniques, this book focuses on smoking your meat for the most succulent, moist, and flavorful bbq ever!  I've never smoked meat.  We simply grill, so I'm excited to take the next step to bbq nirvana by learning how to slow smoke meat to perfection.  Now I just have to get my smoker.....hmmm my birthday's coming up. :)

If you'd like to learn more about smoking techniques, then this book is for you.  Enjoy!

I decided on this e-book today because we are pizza fanatics in this house!  Homemade pizza is the best!  I had a standard recipe that I've been using the last few years, but I'm ready to expand.  Just check out all the great testimonials!  I'll be giving this one a shot!

I choose this as the Daily E-Book because, well, it's still Spring, and I don't know about the rest of you, but I still haven't done a major Spring cleaning (shhhhh!).  I have 5 kids and am not an organized person by nature, so I'm sure you can imagine my home.  I think I'd like to give this ebook a try and see if it doesn't help me.  Give it a try too and let us know how you like it.

In light of the doggie freebies posted today, I thought I would choose today's daily e-book for those of you with these four legged fur babies.  If you've always wanted to make your own dog food this is the e-book for you.  Not only is making your own dog food healthier for you dog, but it's so much  cheaper too!  Check out the e-book by clicking on the above link if it's something you're interested in.

Recipe Lion

Sign up for the RecipeLion - 40 Healthy Snack Recipes Free eCookbook.  The website is really cool too, gobs and gobs of recipes!

"Everyone loves snacks, but it is often too easy to choose unhealthy snack options. But with this eCookbook, The Ultimate List of Healthy Snacks: 40 Healthy Snack Recipes, you have no excuse to be unhealthy at snack time."

Click HERE

Hey here's a pretty good freebie for your crafty people out there!  It's a free down loadable PDF. 

"Keeping all your memories together can be a fun time. Find all your old photos and make something new with them. You can create such a great scrapbook chock full of family photos, wedding photos, summer events and much more. The team at FaveCrafts has put together a 36-page eBook full of simple scrapbook layouts. You can find all here."