How about a free Canvas print worth $55?!

Click HERE

Good indefinitely for new customers! You do have to pay shipping on this, but even with the shipping cost, this is a really GREAT deal! I would be hard pressed, to find a better deal on a CANVAS than this, in fact, I really don't think there could possibly be a better deal out there. If there is please share and let us know.

I've gotten one of these myself, as well as many reader have told me how thrilled they are with theirs!  Here's one such review:

Here is Family Bound Mom reader and Facebook fan Shannon's review of this product:

" I signed up for the free canvas portrait from Canvas People that Jan posted a little bit ago. Just got it in the mail today & I am so thrilled ! It came out beautifully done. It will be going on a special place on my wall ! Love it, thanks so much Jan !! ♥ "

Looks like these are on back order until June 30th.

FREE UDDER COVER! (Gotta love that name!)

I'm not exactly sure how long this deals will last, so don't hesitate if you want one, and there doesn't appear to be a limit to how many you can order. I actually ordered a few of these to have on hand for up coming baby showers!

Wow! Can you believe this deal?? FREE!! A $32 value Amazing! Pregnant, nursing, or know someone who is?? You can't pass this up! Great inexpensive baby shower gift! All you have to pay is shipping/handling ($9.99)! Click on the link below! (Thanks Winter for the heads up!)

Click HERE and use Promo code "onefree" and it brings the price from $32 to $0!!




Use coupon code SUMMER for 80% off!

You can get a $25 restaurant gift certificate for only $2!!  I bought 4 just the other day!  This is for real, I've used them before, and it works beautifully.  I can't imagine eating out with our family of 7 without these. 

Simply enter your zip code in the banner above and it will take you directly to all the restaurants in your area that are participating.  Make sure you read the fine print at each restaurant before you buy to make sure it's as good of a deal as it should be (most if not all are).  This isn't a problem for my huge family, and it saves us so much money.  Choose your certificate and use the code SUMMER at checkout for your 80% off savings!

The certificates themselves make a great gift idea, however, here's a couple of other great gift ideas to consider, both are 80% off as well with the code SUMMER :

1)  For the best deal, check out the Dinner of the Month club.  The Dinner of the Month club is super cool.  It's a 12 month package that comes with 12 $25 gift certificates!!! 

Now 80% Off Dinner of the Month Club Purchases. Use code SUMMER thru 6/24/10.

Restaurant.com Gift Cards starting at $15 for $25 cards. Use code SUMMER and save 80% Off thru 6/24/10.

BUT WAIT!!  Have you heard about Shop at Home?  It's a cash back site that offers 25% cash back for restaurant.com orders.  Basically, if you purchase four $25 gift certificates from restaurant.com through Shop at Home for $2 each ($8 total) you would get $2 back from Shop at Home!  PLUS if you are a new Shop at Home member, you'll get $5 just for signing up...that would knock your total cost for four $25 restaurant.com gift certificates down to only $1!  That's only $.25 cents per $25 gift certificate!  You would be getting $25 knocked off your total purchase at your restaurant of choice almost for free!  I LOVE deals like this!  Here's how to use Shop at Home to get your $25 gift certificate for almost free......

1)  Start your shopping here at Shop at Home.
2)  If you are not a member yet, sign up.  You'll get $5 credited to your account with your first purchase through them!
3) Do a search for Restaurant.com in their search bar
4) Click on the link that Shop at Home shows you, and it will take you to Restaurant.com
5) Make your purchase at Restaurant.com
6) Within a day or two you will see your cash back credit at your Shop at Home account page.
 *Please note the cash back credit will not reach your hands until you accumulate $20 in your Shop at Home account.


3 Piece Chef Knife Set ONLY $.99 cents!! 5 Piece Knife Set only $1.99!!!

Click HERE - for the 3 piece set

Click HERE - for the 5 piece set

Wow, so I stumbled across these really great knife set deals.  Apparently they are offering these knife sets for only $.99 cents & $1.99 plus shipping as a way to introduce us to their line of kitchen ware.  Even with shipping ($7.99 & $9.99 respectively), these are a steal!  I just ordered the 5 piece set, I can't wait to get it.  I've been using the same set of knives since we got married over 13 years ago, lol.  Knives are just one of those things that's not on the priority list of needed things, however, a deal like this makes it possible!  I LOVE great deals!



  1. Thanks for posting the udder cover deal on craigslist. can't wait to get mine!

  2. You're welcome! Get deal huh? I love a good bargain!

  3. I tried to order an udder cover, but it would not let me. They all show on back order, so that might be why?
    Also, I'm not sure what to choose to post this comment, so I just chose Anonymous! :) I am NOT computer savy at all!

  4. Oh no! I just checked the website and yep, they are on back order. Bummer!

  5. Ok, even though they are on backorder, I tried to order anyway, and the second time, it let me, so I guess it doesn't hurt to keep trying. Who knew? :)

  6. Check out 803labs.com and download the ROES. They have great printing and canvas prices. The prices aren't quite as low, but close plus you can change the color!

  7. I have a blog too if you want to follow back via link love: I make Tea ♥