Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Graveyard Malls Deal of the Day....50 Kitchen Items Only $9.99!

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Here's an interesting and could be fun deal of the day from Graveyard Mall.  If you purchase, they will send you 50 kitchen items for $9.99.  Hmmm, to gamble or not..........

Here's what they say about it:

"OK, tough to buy 50 items without knowing what they are. So here goes a quick summary.... 

You'll get 50 items, many kitchen tools, like wooden spoons, ice cream scoops, knives and more. Some will be useful household items like super glue, packs of pencils, scotch & duct tape and more. There will also be some HBA goods like brushes, combs, nail cutters, tweezers and such. The 50 items may not be all different, but if you do get a duplicate, it'll be something that gets used up, like duct tape, we'll assume for the time being that you won't use up an ice cream scoop too quickly."

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