Friday, May 14, 2010


RE-POSTING BECAUSE THEY'RE TOO SWEET A DEAL TO GET LOST IN THE JUMBLE BELOW, LOL!  I'm not exactly sure how long these deals will last, so I'll keep posting them daily until they're gone.

How about a free Canvas print worth $55?!

Click HERE

Good indefinitely for new customers! You do have to pay shipping on this, but even with the shipping cost, this is a really GREAT deal! I would be hard pressed, to find a better deal on a CANVAS than this, in fact, I really don't think there could possibly be a better deal out there. If there is please share and let us know.


FREE UDDER COVER! (Gotta love that name!)

I'm not exactly sure how long this deals will last, so don't hesitate if you want one, and there doesn't appear to be a limit to how many you can order. I actually ordered a few of these to have on hand for up coming baby showers!

Wow! Can you believe this deal?? FREE!! A $32 value Amazing! Pregnant, nursing, or know someone who is?? You can't pass this up! Great inexpensive baby shower gift! All you have to pay is shipping/handling ($9.99)! Click on the link below! (Thanks Winter for the heads up!)

Click HERE and use Promo code "onefree" and it brings the price from $32 to $0!!

----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Blow-Out Prices On All Your Favorite Books!

Click HERE

Thanks to RJ I just learned about this really great deal! I was just at Walmart the other day trying to find some educational fun stuff for my preschool age kids, and came out with hardly anything. Then today I learned about this! It's perfect, and just the kind of books I was looking for!

Bargain Book Closeouts is having a $.99 cent sale on their kids' books! I'm loading up on the preschool stuff and the Mad Libs {my oldest two LOVE these right now}. I'll also be stocking up for Christmas. Hey it's only 7 months away, and with 5 kids this is the way to do it! Be sure to check it out for yourselves! GREAT DEALS!

Thanks again RJ!


  1. The Uddercovers is a SCAM-google it! You DO get your free cover, but they will sell your CC info, or use it for one of their other companies, and then you get a ton of fraudulent charges 4 months-1 year later! They repost and repost all the time then get removed because people find out it's a SCAM.

  2. I have actually researched this myself and quite honestly I don't believe this is a scam. I ordered a few of these myself a few months ago, I received them just fine, I even called the company after my order to verify when they would be shipped and spoke to a real live person. The company actually belongs to a real life very nice couple in Utah. Nothing wrong has happened to my credit card. I know a LOT of my friends have ordered these with nothing but praises for them. When you google "udder cover scam" you'll find that there are significantly more people that have no problems with them that do. It doesn't hurt to keep a watch out on your credit card statements for this, I check mine every month anyway. But I really don't think this company is a scam, otherwise they wouldn't still be around.

    Just my two cents ;)

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  4. I've ordered two Uddercovers in the past couple of years and never had a problem. No weird cc charges, or anything else. I've ordered from the same website both times, so they obviously aren't getting shut down for fraudulent business practices. Plus if you look on the Better Business Bureau, it's lists Milk bands (uddercovers is a sub company of Milk bands) as an accredited BB company with a A rating. In the past three years they've only had 11 complaints, only one of which was a billing issue and it has been resolved.