Thursday, June 24, 2010

2 Pack of Pelvic Back Pain Belts for only $2.99!! Save $56.99!! Geesh, that's almost free!!

Suggested Price: $59.98
Daily Deal Price: $2.99 (for TWO!)

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Graveyard Mall has an amazing deal for those of you with lower back pain.  Get TWO of these belts for only $2.99!  That's awesome!!  Here's what Graveyard Mall has to say about them:
Why a 2-pack? So you have a spare when it comes time to wash it.

Free yourself from the agony of back pain with the Pelvic Back Pain Belt. The Pelvic Back Pain Belt treats the area that is often the source of back pain; the pelvis. Shockwaves from walking and standing inflame the the nerves of the pelvic area and stab upwards into the muscles in the back. The result, agonising and sometimes crippling back pain. The Pelvic Back Pain Belt relieves the strain on the pelvis and so helps to ease the resulting back pain so you can be free to get on with a normal, active life. The belt is suitable for both men and can be worn every day for maximum relief, it is lightweight and driscreet, can be worn under clothes.

# Elastic 2" wide belt fits up to 45" hips
# Velcro closure
# Discreetly hidden under your clothes
# Small and lightweight
# Perfect for men or women
# Washable

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