Thursday, June 3, 2010

3 Piece Chef Knife Set ONLY $.99 cents!! 5 Piece Knife Set only $1.99!!!

Click HERE - for the 3 piece set

Click HERE - for the 5 piece set

Re-Posting this again today because I'm on that Father's Day roll, lol!  If your Dad is a good cook or at least thinks he is, here's another great gift idea for him!

Wow, so I stumbled across these really great knife set deals.  Apparently they are offering these knife sets for only $.99 cents & $1.99 plus shipping as a way to introduce us to their line of kitchen ware.  Even with shipping ($7.99 & $9.99 respectively), these are a steal!  I just ordered the 5 piece set, I can't wait to get it.  I've been using the same set of knives since we got married over 13 years ago, lol.  Knives are just one of those things that's not on the priority list of needed things, however, a deal like this makes it possible!  I LOVE great deals!

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