Tuesday, June 15, 2010

50 FREE Prints from CVS!!

Yay, yet another great photo printing deal! Sign up for CVS photo center and you'll get up to 50 free prints and free photo storage. Click the banner above to get your free 50 prints at CVS, plus you'll also get 25% off your first order!  Be sure to note that there is "free shipping to any CVS phoarmacy"...sweet! 

There are all kinds of really great photo and printing deals right now thanks to Father's Day.  I'm not sure what kind of deals there will be over the summer, so get them all now while you can.  I think I'll work on a post today condensing all the photo deals in one thread so you can be sure to get in on all of them, or pick and choose.  There are so many!!  woo hoo!

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