Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blockbuster Express Free Rental!

Promo Code: G616A3

Go to your local Blockbuster Express kiosk and enter the promo code to get a free DVD rental. If you use different debit/credit cards, you can get a free rental for using each one....two cards will get you two rentals!

Find a Blockbuster Express kiosk near you by searching for one on their website [blockbusterexpress.com].

You can also reserve your free DVD movie rental online now with promo codes, then go and pick up your free DVD movie at the kiosk. How cool is that! You can't do that at Redbox!

NOTE: For those of you not familiar with Blockbuster Express:
Blockbuster Express is identical to Redbox. They rent DVD movies for $1 per night. Blockbuster Express has kiosks located at grocery stores and at convenience stores (mostly Circle K stores in my state AZ). Some kiosks are located inside of the stores and some are located outside of the stores. You go to the kiosk and enter a promo code at the kiosk, just like at a Redbox kiosk, and you rent a DVD movie. The DVD is dispensed to you right from the kiosk. Your credit card is charged $1 per night plus tax (and is charged another $1 per night plus tax for every extra night that you keep it until you return it. After 25 days - it's yours to keep - just like Redbox does). Blockbuster Express is NOT Blockbuster Video. They are two different things.

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