Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Custom Jelly Belly's $5 Discount! & 10% off!!

Jelly Belly Father's Day

How funny, wasn't I just talking about Jelly Belly and saying how cool it is you can personalize them, yet too bad I rarely see coupon code for them??  Look what I just found!  Buy one of their "cocktail classics" gift boxes and save $5!  Nice!  The "Cocktail Classics" gift box is only $5.99 so you'll need to get the order up to $25 to get the $5 discount.....darn, you have to get more, lol!

And for custom Jelly Belly's here's a 10% coupon code!!!  Yes!! 10% off!!

Perfect for Father's Day, Save 10% on your order at Use code JBDAD

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