Thursday, June 10, 2010

Did You Recently Have a Baby? Check this out!

Tauts Post Pregnancy Wrap

"For centuries, women from around the world have been wrapping their post-pregnancy bellies to get back into shape quickly and naturally. It is believed that a belly wrap reduces the size of the swollen uterus, reduces water retention in the belly, and helps you lose inches fast, all while supporting that unwanted baggy baby skin! Tauts should be worn as much as you can, 40 days and 40 nights immediately following delivery. If you just discovered Tauts and you've already had your baby, it will still work for you. Wear it as long as you feel necessary to tighten your tummy."

 A friend of mine was telling me about this yesterday, however, she says although she's no longer post-partum, she still uses it while she works out to sweat off the weight, lol!  I think it's a great idea developed by a mother, so I had to share.

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