Monday, June 28, 2010

Mermaid Tail Review & GIVEAWAY!!

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Just in time for Summer fun! Does your little girl love mermaids? Does she like to play dress up? Does she like to go to the beach, or pool, or take a bath? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you must read on! Not only am I going to tell you all about these really great terry cloth mermaid tails cover ups, but you’re also going to have a chance to win one!!

When Kiki asked me to review a Mermaid Tail I was thrilled! I knew the perfect little mermaid for this mission, and let me tell you, this little mermaid of mine was more than excited to test this product out! Out of pure coincidence, the tail arrived just days before my 7 year old was going to attend a birthday party.  Not just any birthday party, not just a swimming birthday party, but a mermaid birthday pool party! You just can’t get much more perfect than that for a mermaid tail review! As it turns out the birthday girls mom had heard of Kiki’s mermaid towels before, and had actually planned on buying one for her daughters mermaid pool party, however she ran out of time. Now that’s she’s seen one in person, she’s super excited about them and will definitely be getting one!

The mermaid tail arrived packaged beautifully, wrapped nicely, and included a few business cards (which I passed out at the party), a lovely letter from Kiki, and a really snazzy brochure. I really enjoyed reading the brochure as it stated how she came up with the idea, facts about her, how they are meant to be worn (can also be worn up to the chest), and most importantly she introduces the idea of mermaid parties. You can purchase Mermaid Tails in bulk, packs of 6, 10, 12 or more for discounted prices to give as party favors! You’ll even be able to choose the color of the terry cloth as well as the sheer! I love this idea!

The quality of the Mermaid Tail is definitely professional. Kiki has been sewing for most of her life, plus she graduated from the University of Arts, in PA. She certainly knows her way around the sewing machine, and she sews each and every item herself out of a spare bedroom at her house. I have washed the tail in the washing machine and it’s still attached tightly everywhere that it needs to be. It still looks great!

I have to say the Mermaid Tail was an absolute hit at the party! I wish I would have had more of Kiki’s business cards because all the moms wanted one, lol. Before the tail arrived, I didn’t quite understand how it would work. I was super happy to find that my daughter was able to walk without having the tail drag behind her. Her legs go through a big slit on the side and the tail is held by the attached loop in her hand, or the loop is attached to the hook that is on the waist. The last was my daughters preferred method, so that she could have both hands free to play and eat cake. 

To say that I like the tail is an understatement. I absolutely love this tail! Most importantly, my daughter LOVES this Mermaid Tail. She doesn’t seem to need a pool or beach to use it, she uses it constantly for dress up around the house!


So what do you think? Would you like your little mermaid to have a Mermaid Tail of her own? Even better would you like to win one for her?? Here’s your chance to do just that!

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  1. liked kiki's page...and my little one was just a mermaid at her school last funny! ;-)

  2. I liked the page. my daughters birthday is in a few weeks and she has been asking me for a mermaid tail for a couple of years. Good luck to everyone!