Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Plastic Jungle - Buy, Sell & Donate Gift Cards!

Save up to 30% at your favorite stores.

"Did you know that there is approximately $30 billion in unused gift cards, an average of $300 per household, likely sitting in kitchens, sock drawers, cookie jars etc. across the United States?!

Do you have a gift card that you received for your birthday or Christmas that is for a merchant you rarely shop with? Have you tried to visit the store but can’t find anything you want. Or do you feel obligated to buy something you don’t really need just to make use of the gift card?

Have you spent part of the value of a gift card but just don’t have any interest in spending the remaining amount (and would rather have the cash)?!

Have you been forced to take a store credit when you return presents from a birthday party or wedding?!"

Well then be sure to check out Plastic Jungle where you can buy, sell or even donate gift cards!  This is a site definitely worth checking out if you are a deal seeker or looking to off load some gift cards for cash.  Check it out by clicking on the link above.

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